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a canopy of stars


A Canopy of Stars
Christopher Glesson SJ





For more than twenty years Christopher Gleeson was at the head of two Jesuit school communities, Xavier College in Melbourne and St Ignatius Riverview in Sydney. As with most school Principles, he was a prolific wordsmith in both spoken and written form, giving numerous speeches, workshop presentations, homilies and reflections. Sprinkled liberally among these offerings are quotations from numerous sources. Indeed, he has been described as a ‘scavenger’ of other people’s ideas and sayings – a title he reluctantly accepts as both fitting and inadequate. After all, he has spent much time as a priest and educator in sharing these jewels of inspiration with many audiences along the way. Here then is a collection of these jewels – ‘nuggets of wisdom’, as he calls them. He finds them glittering like stars in all he reads and hears. The stars, he says, have an accessibility and companionability about them. They not only light up the darkness, but ‘fill the darkness with order and light’.


a simple life


A Simple Life-Changing Prayer
Jim Manney




For most people most of the time, prayer is hard. It is especially difficult—not to mention unsatisfying—when people experience it as formal, dry, and repetitious. But what might happen if you discovered a simple prayer that changed all that? What if you discovered a prayer that changed you? In A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer, Jim Manney introduces Christians to a 500-year-old form of prayer that dramatically altered his perception of prayer and the way he prayed. The prayer is the examen, which St. Ignatius Loyola developed for the purpose of nurturing a reflective habit of mind that is constantly attuned to God’s presence. What makes the prayer so powerful is its capacity to dispel any notion that God is somewhere “up there,” detached from our day-to-day tasks and concerns. Instead, the examen leads us into a relationship with a God who desires to be personally caught up in the lives of those whom he created. By following five simple yet powerful steps for praying the examen, we can encounter the God who, as Scripture tells us, “is not far from each one of us”—the God whose presence in our lives can make all the difference in the world.


god's voice within


God’s Voice Within
Mark E. Thibodeaux SJ






Many of us do not trust our own thoughts, feelings, and desires when it comes to discerning God’s will. Instead we look outside ourselves to determine what God wants from and for us. In God’s Voice Within, spiritual director Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ, shows us how to use Ignatian discernment to access our own spiritual intuition and understand that the most trustworthy wisdom of all comes not from outside sources, but from God working through us. God’s Voice Within is intended for people who know that there is more to the spiritual life than they are currently experiencing and are ready to take the next step in their walk of faith by making effective discernment—specifically Ignatian discernment—a daily practice. Ultimately, God’s Voice Within teaches us to discern what is at the root of our actions and emotions, which in turn allows us to respond to God’s promptings inside us rather than unconsciously reacting to life around us.



happy healthy holy

Happy Healthy Holy
Susie Hii





Susie writes with a unique reflective character that draws the reader to reflect with her on her discoveries of spiritual truths. She writes with honesty, clarity and simplicity, inviting us into the rich, vast depths of our spiritual lives. Here is a collection of spiritual articles and personal memoirs of a mother, a medical practitioner, in search of healing – health in body, mind and spirit – seeking to be happy, healthy, holy.





Imaginative Journeys for Children
Beverley Kuster




Using Scripture and Ideas for Praying with Children.



just call me lopez


Just Call Me Lopez
Margaret Silf




What do we have in common with a man from the sixteenth century—or even more so, a saint from the sixteenth century? Probably a lot more than you think. St. Ignatius of Loyola wasn’t always the heroic and holy figure that you hear about today; he was a flawed, fallible, and relatable man named Íñigo Lopez. In Just Call Me Lopez, a twenty-first-century woman, Rachel, meets the man who becomes the saint, and both are transformed by their unlikely friendship and series of thought-provoking conversations. Their worlds literally collide when Rachel is struck by a hit-and-run driver, and Lopez is there to help her. They realize that this chance accident is actually an act of God that allows Rachel and Lopez, through the medium of their friendship, to come to terms with their personal struggles. Lopez shares his life with Rachel, describing the obstacles he faces during his unbelievable conversion from a womanizing soldier to a man of God. While Rachel keeps mostly silent about her personal struggles, she observes and is astounded by Lopez’s metamorphosis from mess to mystic. Rachel finally faces her troubling situation, and Lopez gently guides her through the process of discernment to make a difficult, but inspired, life choice. Just Call Me Lopez helps us realize that our very human faults and imperfect behavior do not prevent us from receiving God’s grace; rather, knowing our weaknesses and giving ourselves over to the Holy Spirit can create a new way for us to live.




Margaret Silf




A practical book that helps readers discover and deepen their own spiritual journeys. It is illustrated with line drawings and diagrams, and contains exercises and suggestions for prayer and reflection.






Landscapes of Prayer
Margaret Silf




The garden, the desert, the cave, the urban jungle, the mountaintop, the seashore, and the forest—all are fruitful areas for self-discovery, inviting us to connect with the mystery of God in our lives. Prayer is often perceived as a difficult, abstract exercise in which we close our eyes and seek God beyond our everyday experience in an invisible, ethereal realm. Here, concrete connections between the world of prayer and our physical reality are made—allowing us to revel in both the physical and spiritual worlds simultaneously, and become that much closer to God in the process.


My Little Meditation Book


My Little Meditation Book
Nita Ng





This simple book contains within its pages 20 “techniques” or ways to meditate or pray. Each of us are unique individuals so different techniques will appeal to different people. The 20 techniques are derived from both East and West, from different faith practices, and are all techniques that the author, Nita has used and experienced personally. These techniques have also touched the lives of many others who attend her workshops and retreats around the world.



prayer joyce rupp


Joyce Rupp





A landmark series developed by Orbis Books and Benziger, “Christ Jesus, The Way: Catholic Spirituality for Adults” is wonderful spiritual reading and ideal for use in parish education. You won’t find better authors writing today on the heart of Catholic faith.





Reimagining the Ignatian Examen
Mark E. Thibodeaux SJ




Following the example of St. Ignatius, we believe that praying the Examen will lead to a better life. The 500-year-old daily practice of honest self-assessment and reflection is a founding principle of Ignatian spirituality. What we don’t know is if St. Ignatius ever felt like changing it up a bit. Jesuit speaker and author Mark Thibodeaux, SJ, is confident that St. Ignatius wouldn’t mind a little flexibility in his prayer. Join Thibodeaux as he guides you through new and unique versions of the Examen, totally flexible and adaptable to your life. In ten minutes, you can tailor your daily prayer practice to fit your personal and situational needs, further enhancing and deepening your meditation. Reimagining the Ignatian Examen—the only book of its kind—will lead you through a fresh and stimulating reflection on your past day, your present state of being, and your spiritual desires and needs for tomorrow.






Testament & Testimony
The Memoirs of Ignatius of Loyola




The Memoirs of Ignatius of Loyola are best understood in modern terms as an effort on his part, in response to pressing requests from his first companions, to provide provide an insight into his charism, which they felt called to share. Viewed in this light, his seemingly haphazard narrative manifests a remarkable coherence, and even a discernible pattern.


The Blessing of Mercy
Veronica M. Lawson



One of Australia’s leading biblical scholars offers a wonderful gift to the Church to help Catholics and other Christians celebrate the Extroadinary Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. In this book, she combines deep scholarship and insight into the biblical text with an enthusiasm to uncover the richness of the ‘mercy texts’ that abound in the books of Old and New Testaments.


the discerning heart


The Discerning Heart
Maureen Conroy




Many books have been written about St. Ignatius and The Spiritual Exercises but few have discussed Ignatius’ classic work from an experiential point of view. In The Discerning Heart, Maureen Conroy explains how Ignatius’ Rules for Discernment can help individuals understand their personal relationship with God. The Rules describe what happens to people when they relate to God in a personal way and also offer guidelines for daily living. The Discerning Heart is for anyone interested in Ignatian spirituality, for those who desire to enter into a more lively experience of God, and for spiritual directors who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Rules for Discernment.




The First Spiritual Exercises
Michael Hansen SJ




A radically innovative way to make the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, the classic retreat of Catholic spirituality, this creative and easy-to-use guide presents four retreats on inner peace that are, for the first time, accessible to anyone without getting away from ordinary life or meeting daily with a spiritual director. For almost five hundred years, the Spiritual Exercises have been available only to priests and religious who could spend thirty days in silence under the guidance of a spiritual director. Now they are available as four retreats on inner peace to people in every stage of spiritual growth. Years of research and testing come together in Michael Hansen, S.J.’s, recreation of the way that St. Ignatius first gave the Exercises as he travelled with four companions, begging in bare feet and dressed in sackcloth.



gift of ignatius of loyola


The Gift of Ignatius of Loyola
Tom O’Hara & Lynne Muir



In The Gift of Ignatius of Loyola, Jesuit Tom O’Hara traces the story of Ignatius’ life. His search for spirituality and a new understanding of the mysteries of faith, his movement from personal asceticism to a close involvement with like-minded spiritual persons and his founding of the Jesuit Order. Fr O’Hara provides clear insights into Ignatius’ legacy of the Spiritual Exercises and the Society’s missionary role today. ‘The joy of his faithful followers must bring a smile to the face of Ignatius as he notices that his unique combination of head and heart has indeed been a gift to all.’ – Tom O’Hara. Fr O’Hara has run retreats in the Spiritual Exercises at the Canisius Centre of Ignatian Spirituality in Pymble, and is the author of ‘At Home with God: Prayer from the Beginnings’ and ‘At Home with the Spirit: On Retreat in Daily Life’.


gift of mary mckillop


The Gift of Mary MacKillop
Colleen O’Sullivan



Here is the perfect companion volume for getting to the heart of what made Mary MacKillop so extraordinary. Not only does Colleen O’Sullivan, herself a Josephite sister, explain why and how Mary became worthy of becoming Australia’s first saint, but Lynne Muir offers exquisite calligraphy and historical illustration to lift the reader into sharing Mary’s sensibilities. The product of the two invites readers on their own reflective pilgrimage as they share Mary’s story: that of a poor woman born into colonial Australia who rose against great odds through unwavering faith to establish the Sisters of St Joseph, whose fundamental legacy in education, social work and charity is legend here and overseas.


gift of mary ward


The Gift of Mary Ward
Christine Burke & Lynne Muir



Celebrate the remarkable life of Mary Ward and keep her spirit alive in the modern world. And what better way to do that, than with this beautiful little book – The Gift of Mary Ward, which captures in beautiful words, pictures and calligraphy, Mary’s deep and loving relationship with God and the lessons that we can all learn from her. Mary Ward’s wisdom is ageless. Revisit the God-given gift that was Mary Ward and pass on her wisdom to a new generation of young men and women. Author Christine Burke, IBVM and illustrator, Lynne Muir have created a true treasure here. You don’t need gloves to touch this exceptional book, but you may be forgiven for thinking that you do. A thoughtful gift for someone special. Also a meaningful graduation present for students, leaving secondary school.




the joy of the gospel 2


The Joy of the Gospel – Pope Francis
Evangelii Gaudium





The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) is the long-awaited teaching of Pope Francis on the proclamation of the Gospel. Pope Francis is calling upon the Church and the world with encouragement to begin a new chapter in evangelization. This dynamic document is written in the plain, everyday language for which the pope has become famous.


land of walking trees


The Land of the Walking Trees
Michael Hansen SJ




The Land of Walking Trees is for people who live with chronic illness or suffering. It is a book for people who are familiar with the sometimes unwelcome feelings of darkness and anxiety, of hope and fear, of disappointment and anger.


personal vocation copy


The Personal Vocation
Herbert Alphonso SJ





This little book is born of a profound personal spiritual experience had in 1965. Shared literally around the world notably through the ministry of spiritual direction within and outside the experience of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, it is here communicated for the first time in writing. It has to do with the discernment and living out of that deepest core of being that is a person’s truest “self” and unrepeatable uniqueness – the secret of unity and integration at the heart of a person’s life, his/her unique God-given meaning of life, centred in Christ Jesus. No wonder it results in all-round transformation in depth, opening out most effectively onto social responsibility and commitment in Christian life and mission. A seminal gift and grace, indeed, as the author terms it, and the central nucleus of a rich personal synthesis for life and ministry.


the songs of jesse adams


The Songs of Jesse Adams
Peter McKinnon





Set in the turmoil of social change and political unrest of Australia during the 1960s, ‘The Songs of Jesse Adams’ traces the meteoric rise of a boy from the bush – a farmer’s son who breaks away to follow his heart, his dreams and his love of music. But, as Jesse travels with his band and the crowds gather, it becomes clear that something else is afoot. This rock singer captivates and transforms the host of fans who hear his songs and encounter his truth. Lives are changed in unexpected ways and the enigmatic Jesse becomes a symbol of hope and freedom for those on society’s edge. But not all will celebrate the rising tide of influence of this charismatic figure whose words and actions challenge those in power – the media, the politicians, the church. In one tumultuous week this clash of ideals comes to a head – with profound consequences. Awash in all the protest and collapse of conservative Australia, the colour and madness that was the sixties, ‘The Songs of Jesse Adams’ is a tale of conflict, betrayal and tragedy, but ultimately the triumph of love.


the spiritual exercises reclaimed


The Spiritual Exercises Reclaimed
Katherine Dyckman, Mary Garvin & Elizabeth Liebert




An engaging and practical resource appropriate for both guides and seekers that brings women’s perspectives to the Spiritual Exercises.



Via Lucis
Nita Ng






The Via Lucis, or Stations of Light is a Christian devotion, tracing the biblical events from Easter to Pentecost. This is a prayer of love, light and hope. Through her beautiful paintings and poetry, Nita shares the fruits of her prayers and meditation with us, the reader. As in the icon tradition, the artist first prays with the theme of each station, then picks up the brush or pen, allowing God to guide her hand. This book is soul and spirit-filled, powerful and inspiring! Your soul draws fresh spring water each time you meditate on these pages again, filling your heart with awe and new life-giving energy.



 Walking the Labyrinth as the Beloved in John’s Gospel
  Sally Longley



This is a hard cover 160 page book, designed to enable praying with a labyrinth. It is relevant for both the beginner and the experienced labyrinth walker. Each of the 21 chapters takes an excerpt from each of the chapters of John’s gospel, and after giving a personal story, guides the reader through ways to pray as the ‘beloved’ disciple in John’s Gospel. It takes the reader deep into the gospel, deep into prayer, and deep into experiences of the gifts which come through the labyrinth. The book includes a textured finger labyrinth which enables access to a labyrinth for everyone – those in hospital, living with a disability, or just to use in the quiet of your own home.


what is ignatian spirituality


What is Ignatian Spirituality?
Michael F. Fleming




Its effects are often life changing. But what exactly is it, and why do so many people embrace it? The most influential spiritual movement of the modern age is Ignatian spirituality, an approach to the spiritual life based on the insights of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatian spirituality teaches an active attentiveness to God joined with a prompt responsiveness to God, who is ever active in people’s lives. In What Is Ignatian Spirituality?, David L. Fleming, SJ, provides an authoritative yet highly accessible summary of the key elements of Ignatian spirituality, among which are contemplative prayer, discernment, and dynamic involvement in service and mission. In twenty concise chapters, Fr. Fleming explains how this centuries-old method of disciplined reflection on God’s work in the world can deepen our spiritual lives today and guide all the decisions we make.



Why God Won’t Go Away? – Engaging with the New Atheism
Alister McGrath






The recent rise of the New Atheism has aroused great general interest, thrown up questions of fundamental importance, and started a fascinating conversation. Why God Won’t Go Away invites us to join in. The volume opens with a survey of the main ideas of the New Atheism, as expressed in the works of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. We then examine the core views of the movement closely, making due reference to its ‘virtual community’ of websites and blogs. Subjects explored include: whether religion is delusional and evil, the belief that human beings are fundamentally good, whether we should have faith only in what can be proved through reason and science, the idea tat the best hope for humanity is a ‘New Enlightenment’ The result is a lively and highly thought-provoking volume that poses a number of interesting questions. Why is religion experiencing a resurgence in the twenty-first century, when we are meant to have grown out of such a primitive fixation? Has the New Atheism’s fascination with rationality led to a fatal underestimation of the longing of the human heart to adore? And if, as Christopher Hitchens writes in exasperation, religion is ‘ineradicable’, doesn’t this tiresome fact suggest that dismissing belief in God as irrational and unscientific might just be a waste of time?